スペイン発のインテリア雑誌『Apartamento』が2016年よりスタートした、年一回刊行のレシピブック『Apartamento Cookbook』シリーズ。この第7号『Apartamento Cookbook #7: Late-Night Meals』を、どうぞ夜ふかしのお供に。長い仕事の時間を終えて遅くに帰ってきた夜、気ままな時間を過ごした千鳥足で玄関にたどり着いた夜、あるいは夕食の後にただちょっと小腹がすいた夜、本書は眠たい目でキッチンの棚を漁って回るあなたの案内役となる一冊である。世界中のシェフと食いしん坊による16のレシピを収録。


ドローイングはフランス人アーティスト、ブノワ・フランソワ(Benoît François)が手がける。

アンドニ・ルイス・アドゥリス(Andoni Luis Aduriz)
キアラ・シュトローブル(Chiara Strobl)
エリー・ブハダナ(Ellie Bouhadana)
ファディ・カッタン(Fadi Kattan)
イグナシ・モンレアル(Ignasi Monreal)
ジョン・ジャビエ(John Javier)
ジョン・ウルドマン(John Wurdeman)
ジョン・グレイ(Jon Gray)
生田マサヒデ、ニキ・ナカザワ(Niki Nakazawa)
パリサ・アンダーソン(Palisa Anderson)
ピア・レオン(Pía León)
サム・シャーメイエフ(Sam Chermayeff)
サラ・ベン・ロムデン(Sarah Ben Romdane)
イェミシ・アリビサラ(Yemisi Aribisala)



Apartamento is widely recognised as today’s most influential, inspiring, and honest interiors magazine. International, well designed, simply written, and tastefully curated since 2008, it is an indispensable resource for individuals who are passionate about the way they live. The publication is published biannually from its headquarters in Barcelona. It also has offices in New York, Milan and Berlin.

The annual Apartamento cookbook is back in its seventh edition, and this time we’re staying up with you into the small hours of the night. Whether you’re coming home late after a long shift, stumbling through the door off the back of an indulgent evening out, or simply feeling peckish post-dinner, we’re here to lead the way as you rummage bleary-eyed through the kitchen cupboard, with 16 recipes by chefs and food-lovers around the world.

From sleep-inducing mackerel salad to hangover-preventing onion soup, the meditative preparation of Nigerian alkaki or a quick fix of refried Georgian khinkali, simple aioli to feed your munchies and syrupy waffles for your sweet tooth, as well as your choice of two salty sandwiches from Italy and the Basque Country, whatever’s keeping you up, we’ve got the recipe for it. So, for all you night owls out there, we proudly present Apartamento Cookbook #7: Late-Night Meals, our trusty guide for nocturnal nourishment. Bon appétit and sweet dreams.

Apartamento Cookbook #7: Late-Night Meals
Drawings by Benoît François

Featuring: Andoni Luis Aduriz, Chiara Strobl, Ellie Bouhadana, Fadi Kattan, Ignasi Monreal, John Javier, John Wurdeman, Jon Gray, Masahide Ikuta, Niki Nakazawa, Palinurobar, Palisa Anderson, Pía León, Sam Chermayeff, Sarah Ben Romdane, and Yemisi Aribisala

44 pages
170 x 240 mm
black and white